Knitted Fabric

Knitted Fabric


Print Sherpa

Sherpa is the ultimate fabric for fall and winter, made from fleece and sometimes called “faux shearling”. It features a strong, durable weave and repels water while still feeling soft in your favorite hoodie or jacket.

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Solid Sherpa

Sherpa fabrics have a delicate surface and a soft feel. Most of the Sherpa fabrics currently on the market are made of 100% polyester.

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Print Mink Velour

The mink velour is made of mink wool, which can retain the warmth and comfort of fur clothing. Its exquisite design and delicate and elegant appearance are very popular on the market, and it can be used in conjunction with clothing accessories to create more fashionable and chic styles.

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Solid Mink Velour

The quality and price of mink velour are relatively high. Improper washing methods will seriously shorten the life of the clothing. Please follow our washing instructions to ensure that your product lasts longer.

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Printed Velvet Fabric

The weaving process is roughly divided into three parts: weaving, jacquard and cutting. Two maneuvers are the basic ones: weaving and jacquard.

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Solid Velvet Fabric

Solid velvet fabric is a new type of knitted warp knitted velvet fabric. It has good texture, beautiful color and soft hand feel, and a variety of styles. Use it to make clothes or bedding.

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Print Faux Fur Fleece

Faux fur is a great alternative to real fur. However, it needs care and maintenance to retain its softness and fluffy look. Follow our faux fur care tips for best results.

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Solid Faux Fur Fleece

Faux fur is a blend of polyester, modacrylic and acrylic fibers. It feels similar to real animal fur and is used to create a variety of beautiful things.

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Solid Pv Plush

Polyester is the main component of PV velvet. There are two kinds of matte and semi-gloss. It does not shed hair or ball and has various styles. It is a knitted fabric that has risen and become popular in the past two years

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Print Pv Plush

Adhering to the concept of "green, clean and natural", our knitted PV plush fabric is mainly used in nightwear, baby products, children's wear, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, interior jewelry, craft products, home accessories and other materials.

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Print Coral Fleece

A best-selling fabric, coral fleece is a relatively new fabric in textile business. It is characterized by a soft feel and delicate texture. It is made of natural materials like cotton and wool, with no added dyes or other chemicals.

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Flannel Strips

The flannel fabric is a kind of velvet fabric made of polyester (polyester) as raw material through a finishing process such as raising. Flannel fabrics are used in autumn and winter. The season is also very popular.

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